The Fogg Can Can
a long term test
Jonathan  Slack
August 15th 2023
The Fogg Can Can
Leica M11 with 35 APO Summicron 1/80 f8


Fogg have been making excellent camera bags since 1986 when Nigel Fogg and bee berman moved over to London from South Africa. I had a brief look at their history in my article Fogg and the New Satchmo back in 2020. I first came across Fogg in about 2007 when visiting Robert White Photographic in Dorset. Robert White are still an official dealer for Fogg in the UK.
My first bag was a B-Laika, and I still have and regularly use it. To my mind it's the perfect shoulder bag for carrying a small Leica M kit. I've used it so much over the years that it's been back to bee and Nigel on two occasions for refurbishment, something they do beautifully.
I think Fogg are probably unique in the world of camera bags in that they still make all their bags between the two of them. Quality is just excellent, definitely made to last a lifetime!
Bartinny Downs West Cornwall
Leica M11 with 75 APO Summicron 1/2500 f2

The Fogg Can Can

When I first looked at the Can Can specifications two things immediately sprang to mind:
1. It looked wonderfully small and slim, great for carrying anywhere in fact!
2. it seemed to me that it would be simply too narrow for using with a Leica M System:

External Dimensions:
    26 cm High (10.5 inches)
    24 cm Wide (9.5 inches)
    8 cm Deep ( 3 inches)
Internal Dimensions:
    23 cm High (9 inches)
    21 cm Wide (8.5 inches)
    7 cm Deep (2.75 inches)

This didn't seem promising as a Leica M10 is a little more than 8cm deep, so I rather presumed it wouldn't fit well in the bag. A few months later Nigel asked me if I would like to have a look at the bag and perhaps write about it. I've always loved their bags so I agreed and this beauty appeared in the post shortly afterwards (back in April this year).
At Middle Fen Cottage
Leica SL2 with 24-90 Vario-Elmarit 1/200 f3.8
Obviously the first thing to do was to find out whether it fitted an M11 comfortably - it did! The internal dimensions (of course) refer to the bag with nothing in it, and nothing to stretch it out.

The next thing to do was to see how much I could manage to get into it. At this point it's worth mentioning that I always felt that the Fogg B-Laika was the perfect dimension for a small Leica kit:

B - Laika External Dimensions:
    19 cm High (vs Can Can 26cm)
    29 cm Wide (vs Can Can 24 cm)
    15 cm Deep ( vs Can Can 8 cm)
B - Laika Internal Dimensions:
    15 cm High (vs Can Can 23)
    23 cm Wide (vs Can Can 21)
    11 cm Deep (vs Can Can 7)

So the Can Can is significantly taller, slightly narrower and about halve the thickness.
This is how much I managed to get into it!
Unloading the Can Can 1
Leica SL2 with 28mm Summilux M Asph 1/90 f9.5
Unloading the Can Can 2
Leica SL2 with 24-90 Vario Elmarit  1/100 f5
Inside we have

    A Leica M11 Monochrom with the new 50mm Summilux Leica Close Focus
    A Leica M11 with the 35 APO Summicron M
    My veritable and very beaten up 75 APO Summicron M
    A vintage 50mm Summicron Dual Range
    A Visoflex 2 electronic viewfinder
    A William Hannah Notebook
    My pen (still in the bag)
    Two excellent Rock & Roll camera straps

Which is pretty remarkable considering how slim it is!
Leica M11  35 APO Summicron M 1/350 f2.8
Summer bag
Leica SL2 with 75mm APO Summicron 1/5000 f2

Build quality

Like all Fogg bags the build quality is excellent with beautiful finish and lovely stitching and leatherwork. The Brass fittings are really solid and beautifully made.


The new Fogg Can Can looks like becoming the new perfect bag for a small Leica M kit - with two bodies and 4 lenses together with other bits and pieces being a real possibility. It's slimmer and deeper than a B-Laika but holds a remarkable amount of equipment, and like all Fogg bags it's hand made to the highest possible standard.
Fogg now has a new website at
Leica M11  35 APO Summicron M 1/350 f2.8
Summer bag
Leica SL2 with 75mm APO Summicron 1/5000 f2