Scarlett’s first year


Scarlett Rose Slack was born in Norwich Hospital on 26th April 2013. She should have been born on August 6th, making her more than 15 weeks early. For a while things were very scary and frightening for her parents, and very unpleasant for her (all those tubes and drugs). When she was born she was 1lb 10oz (740gms)

The Staff at NICU looked after her with huge dedication and attention, and her parents were very brave. She was in NICU for 73 days. When she left hospital for home she weighed nearly 4lb.

Scarlett was very angry and very determined. Now, Almost a year later, She is a feisty and charming young lady, deeply in love with her brother Oscar, and giving her parents the run around big time.  

To help NICU to provide the best possible service to other lucky babies, and also as a sign of recognition of what they have done for Scarlett; some of Scarlett’s relations and friends are doing a 100km bicycle ride on the day after her first birthday (yes, me too I’m afraid). 

If you would like to donate to a fantastic cause, please log on to Scarlett’s Cyclers Virgin Giving website: Click on  Scarlett’s Cyclers below. 

Scarlett’s Cyclers donations

Scarlett Rose Slack is the first girl born into our branch of the Slack family for over 60 years, so she is probably the most photographed baby in the history of mankind. I have put together a film’s worth of snaps of Scarlett taken over the last year (36 shots), They track her route from the first days in NICU to the little high-fiver of today - I hope you enjoy them:

Snapshots of Scarlett

Update - July 9th - THANK YOU

Wonderful new - in the final analysis, and with the addition of GiftAid the final figure raised for NICU was around £10,500. A fantastic sum, and thanks to all of you lovely people who donated - Thank You Again!