There has been lots of speculation on the Internet about the new Leica camera  which is to be announced on the 11th June. I've read most of it, and I have even been involved with some of it. Leica's teaser has excited some people and irritated others, but whatever else it certainly has stirred up some interest.

I've spent some time with Paula (the Leica internal name for the new camera). Sadly I can't tell you any more about the camera itself until next week, when I'll write about it in a little more depth.

What I can say is that I'm pretty impressed with the image quality. Hopefully next week I can post some DNG files, in the meantime here are some (out of the camera) JPG files to whet your appetite. Please note that these are shot at camera default settings - you can click on the file to see (and download) the full image.

Just a  barn wall (sorry chaps, it isn't even bricks) but I think it shows some pop, and detail right to the corners

An expiring tulip - only fit for an egg cup - but still capable of a sharp edge and showing some nice bokeh

A stinging nettle leaf caught in the last glance of evening sunlight

A Dandelion clock

This chicken has attitude, and there's plenty of detail. The neck feathers are a little hot, but with this amount of contrast you'd have shot this RAW wouldn't you? (I know I did)

Freshly laid eggs

I do like to shoot still life in available light. This is late afternoon light through our kitchen window. Even the JPG has held the highlights well, and I really like the detail on the pestle.

I'm afraid it's not China or Venice or the Galapagos Islands (I wish) it isn't even gritty street photography. It's just Rural England on an early summer day, but to me it's a very  magical time, and I feel that this new Leica camera is up to the task of capturing its essence.