1. Collecting Caspar
2. Making Friends

No excuses for this page. Or for this puppy!. When Dixie died aged fourteen in the autumn we vowed to stick to one dog for at least a year or two, but we did some looking around anyway, and decided that our next dog would be a Pyrenean Sheepdog.  Then Meriel Weston, a breeder from Wales rang us up to say that she had a 6 week old dog puppy, and before we knew what had happened we were driving down there to collect him. Of course, puppy pictures are a cheap thrill, but I though it would be fun for us to do a little web page of his growing up, this is where it starts!

A short history of the Berger des Pyrénées.

3. Chaos
4. The Wet Walk
5. Field Trials
6. Sea and Fun
7. In Cornwall
8. Now we are 6 (months)